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Emcee portal was established in June 2016 under a different brand name then known as the house of emcees and since then it has continued to provide a sense of professionalism, style and artistry to various events; such as corporate, social, government and international events. Our customer service standards and strategies remain the backbone of our business as the only professional brand of emcees, events planners/managers, fundraising experts, emcee and public speaking trainers, as well as being the best team building facilitators in the country.

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To be the lead professional brand of Public speakers, Masters of ceremonies and Events strategists equipped with modern day artistry, skills & knowledge to help individual, corporate and social clientele achieve the desired goals for their events.

To provide the most skillful, professional, well meditated, stylish and fun packed emcee and events management services satisfactory to our clientele across all backgrounds and class. Emcee Portal is filled with talented Emcees and Public speakers whose competence befits the desires of any client/event. Our experience, talent, trainings & diversity of skills, have accorded us cutting edge abilities to appeal to all classes of people. We have, over the recent years become the most reliable and efficient professional emcee and events management company to hundreds of individuals, corporate and social clientele to mention but few.

Our ultimate purpose is to exceptionally execute the perfect event our clients envision.

Emcee Portal is endowed with a world class team of emcees equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience on corporate /social events which gives us an all round competitive advantage to assist our clientele in creating the most excellent events.

Our aim is to give our clients an ecstatic experience that is beyond their plans and expectations. As a professional brand of emcees/events strategists, we are pioneering a new social transformation in our bid to provide first class alternatives to the practice of using radio and television personalities, comedians and humorous friends/employees to act as masters of ceremonies, public speakers & events strategists. Ou r hope the refo re, i s that we will neve r again hea r di sclaime r s like: “Ooh the event wa s awe some but the Emcee me s sed it up.”

We de rive ou r fulfillment f rom the de si re to c reate an envi ronment of celeb ration whe re all audience s/gue st s ent ru sted to u s feel special, relaxed, bli s sful and hono red to take pa rt in a ve ry eventful ce remony run by a team of professional masters of ceremonies.

We unde r stand that ou r role i s to enlighten the wo rld that ou r se rvice s exi st at a p rofe s sional level, we the refo re app reciate that the gene ral public already recognizes the value masters of ceremonies, public speakers and skillful events managers can bring but they need to know how and where to find our services.

Our Objectives

To provide professional and well researched events management advi so ry services, so as to help our clients realize value for money for their events with in their budget levels.
To establish a professional brand of skilled, equipped and competent masters of ceremonies/public speakers that will eliminate the notion that an emcee has to be a comedian, television o r radio personality.
To produce 21st century forward looking emcees, public speake r s & event s strategists equipped to manage & deliver in any arena.
To provide the best professional team building and customer care training services to our clientele so as to strengthen their customer plus employee ba se.