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Corporate Emcee, Team building facilitator, Public Speaker, Events planner and manager, Fundraising strategist and an entrepreneur

Rodridgers Osinde is a born and bred Ugandan holding a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Makerere University Business School and is currently pursuing a masters’ degree in public financial management with SOAS University of London. His secondary school studies were held at King’s College Budo, he is a 2018 fellow of Leo Africa’s Young and Emerging Leaders Project (YELP) and fellowships with Worship Harvest Ministries. He speaks impeccable English, understands and speaks Luganda, fairs well with Swahili and French and has recently picked up Portuguese. In a bid to attain professionalism, Rodridgers joined Emcee Portal and has had the opportunity to grow his skill. He has planned, managed and executed fundraising and team-building events, emceed at numerous weddings, presented award ceremonies, taken lead on the development of multiple concepts and been part of the team tasked with planning the unveiling of a 2020 model vehicle at Victoria Motors in Uganda.

Rodridgers’ journey of public speaking began in high school where he assumed many positions of leadership and was often before people delivering a speech, leading a meeting or hosting an event. Rodridgers is currently serving on the Business development team of Emcee Portal as one of the lead concept developers and strategist


*     Hosted the East Africa Book of Records’ East Africa Development Sustainable Awards.

*     Planned and managed numerous weddings and corporate events.

*     Moderated over multiple fundraising events.

*     Hosted multiple church services.


*     Rodridgers is effortlessly humorous.

*     He cherishes family and close friendship bonds.

*     He has an entrepreneurial mind.


Worship Harvest Ministries, Capital FM’s news anchor Edwin Muhumuza, East African Book of Records, Victoria Motors-Volvo Brand, UNRA

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